Appendix D: Changing DIP switch settings

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The controller lets you emulate a number of DIP switch settings directly in the display (in older versions of the controller you had to open the cabinet a physically flip the switches.) A DIP switch can be either open or closed, and the TWC NV behavior changes according to these settings. Each DIP switch concerns a specific setting area - the table below explains which DIP switches can be toggled, the setting area they concern, and what the different settings mean. 

Note: Changing the settings for DIP switches 1-5 has no effect on the controller.

Switch #SettingOpenClosedComment
12 (2)Input alphabetFullLimited (0-9,B,D,G,L,S)Must be set to closed for RFA-100.
11 (1)
Water day period
15 days
14 days

10 (0)Decoder types25 (custom)
9Maximum # of decoders per program step
510This determines how many station slots will be available in each step when configuring irrigation schedules.
8Rain sensor typeNormally Open (N/O)Normally Closed (N/C)Check your sensor documentation for what to choose here.
7Pump sensor typeNormally Open (N/O)Normally Closed (N/C)Check your sensor documentation for what to choose here.
6Serial port communicationModemDirect connectionNo longer used.

BOLD = default for TWC-NV 3.5 & TWC-NV Web 4.5.

1. Place the controller in SETUP mode.

2. Scroll to 6. Switch Settings (if you have already changed switch no. 10 to "Closed" it will read 7. Switch Settings instead) and press the ENTER button. The display will look similar to this: 

The top row of numbers (2109 8765 4321) represents the 12 switches. The 2 is short for 12, 1 for 11 and 0 for 10. 

3. Use the item selectors to toggle between "O" for Open and "C" for Closed. The default is OCCC OOOO OOOO. Press the ENTER button to advance to the next switch setting. After saving the setting for switch number 5, you will exit the menu, as switches 1-4 cannot be edited.

4. If you made any changes to the switch settings you will be prompted to reboot the controller. 

5. Press the ENTER button to restart the controller or the CANCEL button to cancel. If you accept the restart, the controller will restart in about 30 seconds.

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