Hybrid 3D LED Codes

Modified on Fri, 17 Feb 2023 at 10:09 AM

For troubleshooting of the Tucor Hybrid 3D, it is necessary to remove the cover to view the LEDs. 

The 3D board has 4 LEDs:

  • Act/Err (Activation/Error)
  • ST (Station)
  • MV (Master Valve)
  • FS (Flow Sensor)

The Act/Err LED indicates the error while the other three LEDs indicate where the error is. The Act/Err LED will be solid green when the 3D is powered on and idle. If not on, check the power source and wiring. The Act/Err LED will flash red to indicate an error.

The ST LED indicates which station has the issue (e.g.: 4 blinks = station 4).

The MV LED indicates the master valve is the issue

The FS LED will flash red if a 3D-FMV is not detected by the 3D. This is normal if you do not have a 3D-FMV or 3DSD-100 installed. It does not detect the actual presence of a flow meter on the flow meter inputs of the 3D-FMV decoder.

10Short circuit on two-wire path.The two-wire output of the 3D is short circuited in the field. The output of the 3D is disabled.
Check the two-wire path for issues, including decoders and splices.
Perform short finding.
20Station activation error - current consumption exceeded.
Decoder output shorted, no decoder connected, no solenoid connected, wrong solenoid type.
Check decoder, solenoid, and splices. Remove cover to view ST or MV LED to determine which decoder.
21Station activation error - too many active stations.Too many stations have been activated at once.
Deactivate one or more stations. Remove cover to view ST LED to determine which decoder. 
25Flow sensor check failed.
Flow sensor not present during test.Connect a flow sensor.
30Decoder programming - no decoder detected.
Connect a decoder.
31Decoder programming - wrong decoder type.

Use the correct decoder type.
32Decoder programming - verification failed.
Reconnect decoder and try again or replace decoder.
33Decoder programming -operation timed out
Station programming took too long and the 3D reverted to normal operation.Perform decoder programming more quickly.

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