What is Cycle Manager+? 

Cycle Manager+ is a web-based remote management platform that allows you to build programs, view alarms, export historical controller data, view real-time sensor indicators, and start/stop irrigation. Cycle Manager+ has many of the same functions has the legacy Cycle Manager, but does not yet have the ability to adjust Weather & ET parameters. 

Will I still have access to the old (java-based) Cycle Manager? 

Yes. Tucor will continue to support Cycle Manager.  

What is the difference between Cycle Manager & CycleManager+? 

Cycle Manager+ is a web-based platform, meaning that you can access it from any device that has web access & a browser. Cycle Manager is Tucor’s historical java-based management platform. Cycle Manager will be needed to adjust Weather & ET parameters for RK & RK+ controllers. 

What is the difference between Cycle Manager+ & MobileManager? 

Cycle Manager+ & MobileManager both have the same web-based design. Cycle Manager+ provides full control of your controller, including the ability to adjust programs & sync, while MobileManager has limited functionality & is optimized for field use. MobileManager must be accessed with different credentials than Cycle Manager+. 


How do I get to Cycle Manager+? 

Using the web page & your existing credentials, you will see a new Device List automatically on December 15th  with the Cycle Manager+ & Legacy Cycle Manager icons. Please refer to the below video for specific information.

Where did my Virtual Controller go? 

Virtual controller is now embedded in Cycle Manager+ for ease of access. Please refer to this short video for specific information.