As of Wednesday, December 16th all customers will see a change to their Device List with the release of Cycle Manager+. All Tucor RealNet Applications can be found using the site. 

Accessing MobileManager

Navigate to the login page and use your existing MobileManager credentials to login. Contact Tucor if your credentials are unknown. 


You now see the MobileManager-specific device list. Select the icon of the device you would like to access.

You are now viewing MobileManager.

Accessing CycleManager+ & Virtual Controller

To access CycleManager+ and Virtual Controller, navigate to the  login page and use your existing credentials to login.  

You now see the device list. Select the left icon.


You are now viewing the Cycle Manager+ Home Page. To navigate to the Virtual Controller Program, select the controller icon in the top left corner of the main header. 

Accessing Cycle Manager (Java-based)

To access the legacy Cycle Manager platform, navigate to the device page and use your existing credentials to login. 

Select the right icon.  

Now you see the Cycle Manager home screen. Note, you must have Java installed on your device to access Cycle Manager.