Users with devices that have updated to Android version 11.0 have reported instability logging into Tucor MobileManager. At this time, we have elected to unpublish Tucor MobileManager from the Google Play store. All devices that have downloaded MobileManager before the date of this article should cease using MobileManager from the Google Play Store.

This action has no affect on the functionality of Tucor MobileManager as an html-based site. To use Tucor MobileManager, navigate to and use the Tucor MobileManager credentials your Tucor representative has provided you. 

If you've used your correct MobileManager credentials, you should see the below screens after logging in:

About Tucor MobileManager:

Tucor MobileManager is our newest water management application for remotely accessing Tucor Smart controllers on your mobile device or tablet! With 15 alarms, nine interactive widgets, and more, Tucor MobileManager is everything you need for remote irrigation monitoring and maintenance. 


Functions Include:

    1. Perform wet checks  

    2. Switch controller operation mode between "Manual" to "Auto" to "Off"

    3. View current and historical alarms and take notes on alarm status 

    4. Manual operation of stations and programs  

    5. View flow data including usage, system capacity & deviations in flow 

    6. View moisture sensor data