Tucor is currently addressing the effectiveness of the manual station/program start functionality with the TWI controller. While we work to make it a more seamless function, please consider the following while using MobileManager to manually start & stop stations or programs:

Section 1 - Confirm the Controller is in "Manual" Mode

  1. Go to the "Controller Mode" section and select "Manual Irrigation". The mode that is selected should show as blue.

Section 2 - How to Manually Start & Stop Stations

  1. Select the "Stations" tab and select the "Go to Stations" button.
  2. Select a station from the station list that you would like to manually start.
  3. Press the "Play" button and select the amount of time you'd like to run the station and hit "Start". The station icon outline will turn blue and you'll see the "Play" button convert to a "Stop" button when the station has been successfully started.
  4. Press the "Stop" button & select stop to cease irrigation for that station. Alternatively, you can select "Start New" to add more time to the manual start. 

Section 3 - IMPORTANT Refresh Your Screen to See Status of Started a Station for TWI

Currently MobileManager for the TWI will not automatically show current station started or stopped status. Use the following procedure to see the accurate status of a manually started or stopped station or program.

Section 3.1 Starting Station Refresh Procedure

  1. Start a station using the procedure above in Section 2.
  2. Select the "Hamburger" icon.
  3. "Refresh" MobileManager by clicking  any section other than the "Station" section.
  4. You should notice your station status has correctly updated by viewing the notification in the "Station" section.

Section 3.1 Stopping Station Refresh Procedure 

  1. To stop the station, follow the procedure in Section 2.
  2. Use the same steps 2-4 from Section 3.1 to refresh the MobileManager view and observe the correct station status.