IMPORTANT: If you want to access Cycle Manager, log in with your Cycle Manager credentials. If you want to access MobileManager, log in using your MobileManager credentials.

In an effort to enhance security, we have now redirected all sites from to

The functionality of your java-based Cycle Manager & Virtual Control applications has not changed, and you can access those programs with the existing Cycle Manager credentials you have retained.

If you see either of the following screens when using the new sign-in page, you are accessing our Tucor MobileManager application, and you are still signed into Tucor MobileManager from your last session with your Tucor MobileManager login credentials. 

If you see either of the above screens, access Cycle Manager & Virtual control by selecting the "Logout" button at the bottom left of your screen as shown below.

Upon logging out, you should see the below sign-in page. Enter your traditional Cycle Manager & Virtual control login credentials, and you'll have access to Cycle Manager & Virtual Control.