LAN-200 Inspection

Modified on Tue, 18 May 2021 at 03:11 PM


If you are experiencing issues with connecting to your controller via the LAN-200 serial-ethernet card, please perform the following steps: 

  1. Disconnect power and remove the controller panel from the enclosure to access the LAN-200 board.
  2. Check that the Connection board (army green Digi board) is securely connected to the Main board. Some older models do not have the screws holding the board in place and it can become partially unseated. 
  3. Take a clear photo of the MAC address and send to Tucor Technical Services. The MAC address can be found on the label adhered to the IC chip on the Connection board. It will begin with 0004 or 0040.
  4. Ensure that the ribbon cable or serial is secured and fully seated into the controller and LAN-200 board.
  5. Confirm that the shunt jumper is installed. If you are using a ribbon cable, the jumper needs to be on the inner two pins (as shown in photo below). If you are using a serial cable, it needs to be on the outer two pins.
  6. Re-mount the controller panel into the enclosure.
  7. Connect power and confirm that the Power, DTR, and Network LEDs are lit. The Traffic, Rx/Tx, and CD LEDs will flash when communicating.

If you are still unable to connect:

  • Ethernet (LAN) connection
    • There likely has been a change to your network configuration or equipment. Please have the person(s) responsible for the site's networking review the LAN-200 Installation instructions and then contact Tucor Technical Services. 
  • Cellular connection

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